C++’s Super Power

Presenter: Matt Godbolt

We all know that C++ is a large and complex programming language. It’s become fashionable to publicize its shortcomings, but in this talk Matt wants to concentrate on the very best feature of C++ - its Superpower! During this talk we’ll learn what C++’s Superpower is (which may surprise you!), after looking at some possible contenders. We’ll then explore the superpower through a hobby project of Matt’s, covering lots of both older and modern C++ concepts, and how one can migrate older code to new styles. We’ll see how the Superpower has shaped C++ past, current and will continue to shape its future as a programming language, and why that’s really important in our day-to-day jobs as C++ developers.

Event Details

Note: Free Attendance, but reservation required Please see RSVP through the group Meetup page

When: June 13th, 2022
Happy-hour start at 5:30, presentation at 6:30
20 N Upper Wacker Drive
12th Floor
Chicago, IL 60606

Food and beverages sponsored by Selby Jennings
Selby Jennings

Conference space genereously provided by TeamWorking by TechNexus
TeamWorking by TechNexus

About the Presenter

Matt is a C++ programmer and occasional verb. He loves writing efficient code and sharing his passion about how computers work under the hood. An engineer at Aquatic, he has previously worked on low-latency trading, on mobile apps at Google, run a C++ tools company and spent more than a decade making console games. When not tinkering on Compiler Explorer, Matt enjoys working on emulators for old 8-bit computer hardware.

Photos from the event

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