Preparing to Launch: Moving from College to Career (A Panel Discussion)

Transitioning from college to professional life involves many people with varied motivations and experiences. We’re gathering a variety of people involved in the process to discuss this transition and all its challenges. Join us for a special evening to celebrate some of Chicago’s development interns as well as a few industry professionals as we dig into the college-to-career transition, what it looks like after CovID, how the community might better enable it, and how it has otherwise changed over the years.

Event Details

Note: Free Attendance, but reservation required Please see RSVP through the group Meetup page

When: Tuesday August 9th, 2022
Happy-hour start at 5:30, presentation at 6:30
20 N Upper Wacker Drive 12th Floor Chicago, IL 60606

Food and beverages sponsored by Selby Jennings
Selby Jennings

Conference space genereously provided by TeamWorking by TechNexus
TeamWorking by TechNexus

About the Panel

Lou Zeh:

As an entering senior at the University of Illinois, Lou is interning this summer at Aquatic Capital Management. Previously, she has interned for Amazon and also served as a course assistant for multiple CS courses at U of I.

Gavin Lewis:

Working toward his MS at Indiana University Bloomington, Gavin is interning this summer at eMeasurematics, Inc. As an Associate Instructor at IU, as well as having helped organize seminars and a hackathon for his undergraduate University, Gavin has worked alongside and helped many other student developers from various backgrounds.

Isabel Ceniza:

Isabel is a Vice President and Software Development FinTech Market Specialist for Selby Jennings. Through this role, she works to bring together employers and candidate software developers. With a wide portfolio of each, it’s her business to watch the market and figure out how best to help the hiring process find success for both parties.

Caroline Randazzo:

Caroline is currently the head of Human Resources and recruitment at Aquatic Capital Management. With over 13 years of experience in Human Resources working for a variety of firms, and having built up multiple campus recruiting programs, Caroline brings a wealth of experience in finding, hiring, onboarding, and training college graduates.

Brianne Caplan:

Brianne is the Executive Director and Founder of Code Your Dreams as well as the Program Director for Careers in Computer Science at UChicago and also the Founder and CEO of CoderHeroes. Through these roles, Brianne helps youth to young adults to find their own paths to a career in technology. Working directly with UChicago, Brianne brings an academia-focused perspective to helping students prepare for and make the transition from college to career.

Robert Douglas: (Moderator)

Along with his regular software-development responsibilities, Robert has helped to build out multiple internship, training, and oboarding programs across a variety of firms. Through these experiences, and with a recent push to help build-up the Chicago development community, Robert has decided to pull together this panel to spotlight the college-to-career process to pull back the curtain and see what is going well and what the community can do to help improve it. As more of a hobbyist in the space, he will present the questions and give the students and professionals in the space a chance to share their experiences and insights.